Four southern Ontario men have been fined a total of $3,200 for keeping undersized Lake Nipissing walleye, contrary to Ontario’s fishery regulations.

Donald Davidson and Christopher Boutet, of Cottam, and Kyle Bissonnette and Kenneth Bissonnette, of Essex, pleaded guilty to possessing walleye of a prohibited size.

Davidson was fined $1,200 for possessing three walleye; Boutet and Kyle Bissonnette were each fined $800 for possessing two walleye each; and Kenneth Bissonnette was fined $400 for possessing one walleye.

Court heard that on January 28, 2018, conservation officers were on patrol near Deep Water Point on Lake Nipissing. While conducting an inspection, an officer interviewed Davidson, Boutet, Kyle Bissonnette and Kenneth Bissonnette in an ice hut. The officer noticed one of the anglers was sitting on a pail. Eight prohibited-length walleye, belonging to the men, were discovered in it. The fish were forfeited to the Crown and donated to charity.

Justice of the Peace Monique Mechefske heard the case in the Ontario Court of Justice, North Bay, on April 25, 2018.

The ministry reminds the public that it is illegal to catch and possess any walleye from Lake Nipissing that are less than 46 centimetres (18.1 inches) in length.

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May 14, 2018