Eight men pleaded guilty to fines totalling $9,525 for their involvement in an illegal cow moose hunt in the Markstay area.

Ron Schmidt of Wyevale pleaded guilty to unlawfully hunting moose without the authority of a licence and obstructing a conservation officer. He was fined $3,750.


Timothy Board of Barrie pleaded guilty to unlaw fully possessing illegally killed wildlife and transporting a moose illegally taken. He was fined $2,375. Scott Finley of Midland pleaded guilty to obstructing a conservation officer and possessing illegally killed wildlife.

He was fined $1,250. Four other members of the group, Robert Browning of Barrie, Sean Gibbons and Brandon Gibbons of Phelpston, and Trevor Lecluse of Hamilton, pleaded guilty to obstructing a conservation officer and received fines totalling $1,650. Charles Board of Markstay also pleaded guilty to possessing illegally killed wildlife and was fined $500.

The court heard that on October 13, 2011, a conservation officer on patrol in the Markstay area discovered that a cow moose had been harvested illegally. Evidence showed that on October 10, 2011, Schmidt, licensed to shoot a calf moose only,

shot and killed an adult cow moose. The other men in the group endeavoured to cover up the illegal hunt.

Justice of the Peace Monique Seguin heard the case in the Ontario Court of Justice, Sudbury on May 10, 2013.

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