The Ministry of Natural Resources is beginning to look a lot like the Grinch who stole Christmas.

Beginning Dec. 1, MNR will start charging a $2 service fee on every Outdoors Card, fishing and hunting licence purchased in the province.

Don’t forget to add the HST at 26 cents per transaction.

The Northwestern Ontario Sportsmen’s Alliance has called it the “greatest cash grab” they’ve ever seen and we can see why.

Anglers and hunters are already paying a lot for licences (and the fees continue to increase every year).

For hunting it’s $9.68 for an Outdoors card, then $24.59 for a one-year small game, $54.57 for a moose tag, $47.30 for deer, $47.30 for a bear, $10.93 for a wolf/coyote, and $28.62 for a wild turkey licence.

For fishing, in addition to the Outdoors Card it costs $28.89 for a one-year sport licence and $16.46 for a conservation licence.


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