MPP and MP in Owen Sound ask why no charges have been laid for overfishing.

page_Fishing_34Both MP Larry Miller and MPP Bill Walker in Bruce Grey Owen Sound are concerned that there is overfishing on Georgian Bay and nothing is being done about it.

In an open letter, the two representatives say they are deeply disappointed that the concerns of local fishermen and conservationists are being ignored by the MNR.

MPP Bill Walker says their phones have been ringing off the hook with complaints that illegal nets are being used by Native fishermen.

They also claim a lot of fish are being inadvertently caught in the nets that are not wanted and thrown away.

Walker says calls to the TIPS line set up by the Ministry of Natural Resources seem to be ignored, as no charges have been laid.

Walker and MP Larry Miller, also expressed their concern that the ministry would allow fish to rot in the nets for as long as seven days.


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