For some, the image of anglers along the length of Bridgenorth’s James A. Gifford Causeway is associated with abandoned bait containers, water bottles and plastic bags.

That could soon change.

A plan is being developed by County of Peterborough staff that would prevent trespassing past the guardrails on the causeway, effectively limiting fishing to both ends.

Among other recommendations, which include more signs and some enforcement, it is meant to reduce the amount of litter coming from anglers, boaters and drivers.

Director of Public Works Chris Bradley said at first harsh enforcement was considered.

But after a meeting which included Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and Parks Canada Bradley said that suggestion was shot down.

The cost of paying an OPP officer to monitor the causeway and people going through the court system would be too high for $35 fines.

“The enforcement option, while it sounds great and is a reasonable solution to the problem, is impossible,” said Bradley to Council.

If that approach were taken, “we will fail,” he told them.

Instead staff have begun developing a plan which involves more education around littering, signs along the causeway, enforcement officers to talk with people one-on-one and have staff pick up trash.

Selwyn Deputy Mayor Sherry Senis proposed the amendment to the plan that would ban trespassing across the guardrails on the causeway.

She said people walking across the road and into traffic has also been an issue.

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