A resident of St. Charles was sentenced to pay a fine of $ 1000 for violating the Law on protection of fish and wildlife .

Emile Groulx pleaded guilty to the charge that he had obstructed the work of a conservation agent, which is an illegal action.

The court heard that a conservation officer nature had contacted Emile Groulx, November 20, 2016, when he was hunting on private land in the Township of Ferris. It was the last day of the season to hunt deer with a firearm. Emile Groulx, who was dressed in camouflage, had denied he was hunting and had not wanted to present his gun to the agent for the latter’s consideration. A loaded rifle, which he had hidden in a building located nearby, was eventually found and seized.

The magistrate, M me  Ruby Beck heard the case May 17, 2017 in the Ontario Court of Justice in North Bay.

The ministry reminds hunters that they can be monitored by conservation officers when they are on Crown land or private land. For safety reasons, the law requires hunters to wear blaze orange during certain hunting seasons, including that of deer hunting with a firearm.

Persons wishing to obtain more information on hunting regulations can consult the Summary of Hunting Regulations , the site ontario.ca/chasser .

To report a crime related to natural resources, we can call anytime toll-free TIPS line (1 877 847-7667 ) Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry or contact your local ministry office during business hours office. One can also anonymously call Crime Stoppers at 1 800 222-TIPS (8477).