Ministry of Natural Resources confirm moose carcass found off Highway 527 was not roadkill placed there by an MTO contractor and the incident is under investigation.

THUNDER BAY – A Ministry of Natural Resources conservation officer has confirmed an investigation is ongoing into animal remains dumped on a side road off Highway 527.

A skinned and quartered moose carcass, a decapitated coyote and the remains of at least two dead raccoons were spotted at the site, which a Ministry of Transportation contractor has been using for the past decade or more to dump roadkill.

Rick Williams says they are asking anyone with information on the animals to contact the MNR.

The moose carcass sections each have yellow rope tied to it.

Williams did not want to speculate further, other than to confirm it’s not roadkill.

Pictures of the site went viral locally on Facebook earlier this week.

“It’s not uncommon that roadkill is dumped there by the contractor for the MTO, left there for scavengers – wolves and coyotes – to feed off the carcasses,” Williams explained. “They get it off the roadway because if the dead animals were on the side of the roadway that would attract live animals to be crossing the road and create another hazard.”