Truck traffic

Truck traffic

A move is underway to gain assurances from the province that Airport Road won’t see increased heavy truck traffic.

The Community Safety and Business Preservation Association is rallying support to lobby the province to restrict the use of Airport Road as a route on which aggregate can be hauled.

Natalie Kotyck said the association will request the province’s Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) to deny future requests from quarry proponents if their application includes Airport Road as part of a haul route.

Kotyck, with a number of association supporters in tow, spoke to Mono town council on Tuesday (Jan. 27).

The thoroughfare’s Highway 9 to Highway 26 stretch is currently heavily used by the travelling public. It’s often cited as a very dangerous portion of roadway because of its topography and the speed at which users travel.

According to Kotyck, there’s been about 300 motor vehicle accidents between Highway 9 and Highway 26 between 2005 and 2014. Of those, 54 resulted in injuries and two recorded fatalities.

“And that’s just in Mono’s stretch of the road,” she said.

She added that comparable statistics have been recorded for the Mulmur stretch of Airport Road.

“Just about everyone has an Airport Road story,” she said.

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