Lack of quarry rule enforcement frustrates northwest landowners

Camp and homeowners near Thunder Bay will have to continue their fight against a gravel pit operating near Surprise Lake now that the Lakehead Rural Planning Board says it doesn’t have the money to enforce the zoning rules.

The chair of the Lappe Services Board, Ralph Bullough, said land in the area is being abused by companies that know there are no enforcement bodies.

“We are looked at as being the source of gravel for the entire district, only because we can’t provide a regulation,” said Bullough, who lives near the pit.

A concerned land owner says gravel companies are taking as much aggregate out of the ground as possible near his home in Lappe, because there are few rules in the unincorporated area. (Lorne Taylor)

The planning board told Bullough to petition the province to allow the Ministry of Natural Resources to enforce the pits and quarries act in unincorporated areas.

Taranis Contracting has pulled its application to run a mobile crusher at the site, but Bullough said he fears other companies may try to set up shop.
Ralph Bullough and Murray Crane

He said the main issue is the services board can’t create or enforce bylaws.

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