It may be a fool’s errand trying to stop change, but for caribou, such beautiful and enigmatic animals, it is absolutely worth trying — if it can be done wisely and effectively and without interference from those charged under law to protect them’

Recently I wrote an article describing some of the documents intended to protect our natural resources, and how, at least in the case of moose and caribou, the objectives cannot possibly be met because the practises to manage these species are completely in conflict.

The Lake Superior caribou in Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 21A are the most southerly population in Ontario and were nearly driven to extinction by mismanagement, and what appears to be the willful neglect and incompetence of Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) staff.

The following comes mostly from a retired biologist in Wawa (1). He is part of a small group (“the Group”) that has been pressing the Ontario government to conserve the last of the Lake Superior caribou. They were the leaders in the early days, and at least to my way of thinking, they are continuing to try to provide leadership in the absence of any from the government.

By Alan Bisset
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