A local management biologist was recognized last month for his work with sturgeon over many years. Darryl McLeod, fisheries manager with the Ministry of Natural Resources in Fort Frances, was the recipient of the Kallemeyn Award, which was announced March 12 during a banquet at the 10th-annual International Rainy-Lake of Woods Watershed Forum in International Falls.

lothwatersusMcLeod was recognized his collaborative work on Rainy Lake lake sturgeon, as well as his work to refine the long-term fisheries assessment protocols for the MNR on sturgeon ecology and the recovery of walleye on Rainy Lake. He has been involved in several lake sturgeon investigations over the past 20 years, including Seine River (1993-95), Rainy Lake (2002-2005, 2008-09), and the Namakan River and reservoir (2006-13).

McLeod told the Times on Monday that the award “means so much” to him because it is a peer recognition award, and is named after “a friend and colleague that [he] had the pleasure of working with across the border for so many years.”

By Duane Hicks
Fort Frances Times
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