The MPP for Chatham-Kent-Leamington said Thursday there are “no plans at all” to move three fisheries conservation officers stationed in Wheatley on the Lake Erie shore inland to Chatham.

“There has been nothing approved,” said Rick Nicholls. “The key wording here is no approved plans.”

Asked about that wording, Nicholls said nothing should be read into it.

Earlier this week, Warren (Smokey) Thomas, head of the union for Ontario government workers, told The Free Press the Doug Ford government is preparing to move the officers, who currently have a dockside workplace where they inspect six million pounds of freshwater fish every year in the commercial fishery alone, to a Chatham Ministry of Natural Resources office, some 45 kilometres from shore.

Nicholls also said he has spoken to the minister, John Yakabuski, who has assured him there is no plan in the works to move the trio of enforcement officers.


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