The Niagara Escarpment Commission has given its endorsement to the Dufferin Acton Quarry expansion.

At its meeting Thursday the NEC endorsed the Niagara Escarpment Plan Amendment and Development Permit Application for the quarry expansion and supported a recommendation to advise the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry it doesn’t object to approval of Dufferin’s licence application.

As there are outstanding objections to the applications it will be going to a joint board hearing so the NEC could not approve either the plan amendment or development permit application.

Since 2009 when Dufferin filed the application for the expansion of the quarry the proposed extraction area has been cut in half from 99 hectares to 49.31 hectares.

NEC Senior Strategic Advisor Nancy Mott said key considerations NEC staff had when evaluating the Dufferin application included natural heritage, endangered species, impacts on ground and surface water, cultural and visual impact, rehabilitation and future land uses and compatibility with existing uses.

Mott said Dufferin’s Adaptive Management Plan has specific targets set as indicators for potential environmental impact, and includes a water management and monitoring system and well monitoring and mitigation system.

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