This a copy of a letter sent to David Orazietti from Mike Boudreau, president of Ontario Outdoors Recreational Alliance, Inc., in regards to illegal actions of MNR employees.


OntORAHonourable Sir:

On behalf of the Ontario Outdoors Recreational Alliance, Inc. (OntORA) and as its President, we join in the call for your government to immediately appoint a public enquiry into the problem of MNR employees unlawfully using their positions to gain lucrative tourism business opportunities.

Due to my extensive outdoors experience in the Wawa district as a Bear Outfitter for 21 years, President of the Wawa Trappers’ Council, the Wawa Bear Outfitters Association as well as the Wawa Rod and Gun Club, Outdoor Education Instructor, long term member of both the Wawa and White River Local Citizens’ Committees (LCCs), I have personal knowledge of MNR employees using their positions for unlawful financial gain.

I am prepared to testify, and to name names, at such an enquiry to expose the injustices by certain MNR employees using their preferred positions to acquire outdoor camps and lands for personal profit.

Certain that these injustices have been occurring since at least 1982 in the Wawa District and have been reported and documented, but your Ministry has never taken any action to stop it.

These injustices included the privatization of a large number of lakes and certain road closures that were aimed at protecting the private business interests of some MNR supervisors and employees.

There are certain other questionable practices occurring in the Wawa District of interest to a public enquiry, such as the 38 major lakes reserved for the private use of the now bankrupt and defunct Wilderness Outfitters, not being returned for the benefit of the general public.

We therefore call on you, Mr. Minister, to do the honourable thing and call a public enquiry to finally shed some light on these very disturbing and illegal actions of some MNR employees.

Yours very truly,

Mike Boudreau,
President, OntORA.

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