A Norland man has been fined $750 and is banned from fishing in Ontario for five years for angling-related offences.

Garry Bradamore was convicted under the Ontario Fishery Regulations for fishing with an extra line, and for obstructing a conservation officer under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. Previous convictions were considered in handing down his sentence.

The court heard that on March 13, 2013, a conservation officer was conducting a snowmobile patrol on Lake Simcoe when he encountered Bradamore fishing with an extra line. Bradamore destroyed the evidence by cutting the line but later admitted to the offences. This is the third time Bradamore has been convicted for fishing with extra lines, and the second time he’s been convicted for obstructing an officer. In 2004, he burned off an extra line with a cigarette in an attempt to avoid detection.

Justice of the Peace Duncan Read heard the case in the Ontario Court of Justice, Whitby, on May 9, 2013.