The lynx that killed a dog on the hiking trail in the North End of Timmins on Friday was acting completely normally according to a biologist with the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Despite that, the decision was made to kill the animal.

That was revealed Tuesday morning during a news conference involving Timmins Police Service and the local MNR office.

Police and MNR officials visited the trail, located between MacLean Drive and the hospital, on Monday to investigate complaints from hikers and dog-walkers. In one case, a dog on a leash was attacked and killed. In at least two other cases on the weekend, the lynx attacked dogs, but the owners were able to save their pets.


“As it had become a public safety concern at this point, dealing with a high traffic area, and an animal that was obviously not afraid of humans, unfortunately the decision was made to dispatch the animal,” said Timmins Police communications officer Kate Cantin.

She added that wildlife management is not a police matter, but public safety is always a top priority.

“In cases where public safety is a concern, our officers will try everything they can to move the animal along to a safe location. But failing that, the only other option for our officers to is to dispatch the animal,” said Cantin. Police and MNR were both on the scene at the time.

Also commenting on the incident was MNR biologist Derrick Romain who said the lynxes are moving into more populated areas because the normal food source is not as abundant. He said it is not unusual for wolves, coyotes, foxes and lynxes to kill dogs or cats as an alternate food source.

“They love free-roaming domestic pets,” he said.

“We regret the situation that happened,” Romain also told reporter

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