Waterford Angler Fined $5,750 for Exceeding Legal Limit

January 26, 2024
Mr. Pearson of Waterford, pleaded guilty to the possession of 19 walleye over the legal limit and possession of fish packed in a manner that could not easily be counted. He was fined a total of $5,750 and had a one-year fishing licence suspension imposed.

The court heard that on May 21, 2023 a conservation officer conducted an inspection in Greenstone, where Pearson was fishing. The officer inspected several containers with numerous chunks of fish frozen in water, making it difficult to count.

Justice of the Peace Denette Ellard heard the case remotely in the Ontario Court of Justice in Geraldton on November 21, 2023.

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Ontario Angler Fined for Walleye Overfishing

Ontario Angler Fined for Walleye Overfishing

The Ontario government is safeguarding walleye fisheries by ensuring fishing rules and limits are followed to maintain sustainable fisheries for future generations to enjoy. Roger St-John of South Woodslee pleaded guilty to catching an over-limit of walleye and...

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