Two dogs in Sioux Lookout required veterinary care after encounters with wolves, prompting the Ministry of Natural Resources to issue a warning to local residents. The incidents occurred in early May, about a week apart, and both dogs were small to medium-sized breeds that suffered injuries requiring medical attention. The incidents took place in the Drayton and Sturgeon River Road areas, which are in a rural part of the municipality. The injuries sustained by the dogs suggest that they were viewed as prey by the wolves, as cats and small dogs can be seen as targets by these predators.

Although interactions between wolves and humans are generally rare in developed areas, the ministry advised residents to take precautions to prevent such encounters. The ministry recommended feeding pets indoors, not allowing them to roam freely, and keeping them supervised or contained when outside, preferably in a secure kennel. Wolves can jump into fenced yards, and dogs confined by a leash are vulnerable. Additionally, the ministry advised spaying or neutering dogs to prevent potential attraction and mating with wild wolves.

Sioux Lookout is surrounded by undeveloped crown land, which supports diverse wildlife populations including bears, wolves, coyotes, and foxes. The ministry emphasized the importance of coexisting with wildlife and taking necessary precautions to ensure the safety of both pets and humans. By being vigilant and responsible, residents can reduce the chances of negative interactions between domestic animals and wildlife.